Harness the Cloud

Pathix can help your business navigate the crowded cloud market. Our experts provide advice about which type of cloud to choose. Whether you decide on public, private, or the increasingly popular hybrid cloud, we ease the migration process. We can also help you decide on the right cloud services, such as infrastructure, platform or software as a service.

Benefit from Managed Services

Routine tasks prevent your IT staff from reaching its full potential. These tasks distract them from working on innovative projects that would take the business in a more strategic direction.

With managed services, Pathix takes the administrative burden off your staff. Hosted solutions take over the management and monitoring tasks that keep your team from concentrating on the core business. The Pathix team has a long track record of handling problems that run the gamut. Chances are your business won’t encounter a crisis we haven’t seen before.

Pathix specializes in several key areas:

Office 365 Migrations

Office 365 offers a full suite of tools companies need to communicate effectively and easily design business documents. The risks of migrating to Office 365 shouldn’t keep your business from taking advantage of its benefits. Pathix will give your business peace-of-mind by streamlining the migration process.

Business Collaboration Solutions

Without the right communication tools, your employees can’t work together on projects efficiently. Cutting-edge collaboration solutions encourage your workers to innovate and create. Team members can work on projects whenever and wherever is convenient for them. Every member of a team can be on the same page as far as the status of a project. Pathix can help your business implement a whole suite of business collaboration solutions, such as voice-over IP and video conferencing.

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a computing infrastructure provisioned and managed over the internet. Client can quick scale up and down based on their demand without investing into expensive and complex datacenter infrastructure. With IaaS the service provider manages the infrastructure, while you purchase, install, configure and maintain your own software – operating systems to applications. We design and implement plans to ensure our customers meet their needs, whether through IBM, Microsoft or Pathix, we have a solution.

Real World Cloud Solutions

Let Pathix be your guide on your journey to the cloud.

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