Today’s workplace is becoming increasingly flexible. More workers are breaking free of the cubicle walls and working remotely or while in transit. But with this greater freedom comes greater risks to the business and its data.

Laptops and mobile devices can be lost or stolen. Hackers can stage man-in-the-middle attacks on workers who use public Wi-Fi.

Pathix helps companies meet the needs of both the remote and in-office workforce by offering secure virtual desktops and laptops. After all, remote workers need access to the same resources and protection as in-office workers.


Pathix partners with Cisco to provide our clients with complete protection against most advanced threats. Endpoints must be protected whether they are connected to the corporate network, at a hotel or even at an airport. Cisco will not only help prevent breaches, but also support detection, containment, and remediation of advanced threats. Cisco harnesses the power of the largest threat intelligence network in the world to identify and provide protection before, during and after cybersecurity attacks.


Today our end users are demanding of the technology devices they require. Pathix offers a wide variety of products from very light weight mobile tablets to high-end workstations.

VMware for End Users

VMware virtualization solutions make onboarding easy by bringing applications to new end users. Applications can be securely transferred from the internal data center to the end user. Our partnership with VMware allows us to provide a complete End Users portfolio to help drive innovation and seamlessly scale with your organization.

Comprehensive End User Support

Let Pathix support your end users so you can focus on your business.

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