Whether your business is looking to expand or upgrade its infrastructure resources, Pathix works side-by-side with your team to design and implement a solution to meet your unique business goals.

We provide end-to-end infrastructure solutions, including server, storage, and networking. There’s no need to go to multiple vendors to patch together a solution. You can find everything you need with Pathix.

Our partnerships with the leading technology companies give our clients access to best-in-class solutions. These partnerships mean our engineers have the certifications necessary to design, implement, and support the ideal solution for your business needs.

Most notably, our partnership with IBM allows us to build solutions that optimize your infrastructure. IBM POWER server provides superior capacity and performance for meeting even the most demanding workload requirements. IBM FlashSystem and Storwize Storage provides your business efficient high capacity and performance storage to help with data growth and protecting your future investments.

From growing small business to enterprise workloads, Lenovo servers continue to provide value and meet mission critical agile workloads. Lenovo servers are equipped with the latest processors, high memory capacities and resiliency. Lenovo ability to be a world leader in personal computer space allows Pathix the capabilities to meet your expectations for your end users.

Keeping Your Business Up and Running

Outages can be devastating to a business. Every minute your business is down costs money. If you aren’t available when your customers need you, they may turn to your competitors.

To prevent and counter these event, Pathix can help you develop solutions meeting your organizations goals.   From server redundancy, to virtualization, to backup and recovery, to business continuity solutions we can help ensure your mission critical data is safe.  Your customers can count on you because you can count on us.

Infrastructure Designed for Success

Pathix can help you create a technology foundation built to succeed today and tomorrow.

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