Making the right business decisions can be challenging because business leaders must draw information from many departments. Getting the big picture can be difficult if departments are relying on just the information that enters their systems.

Companies can’t take the risk of making the wrong decision based on incomplete or flawed data. In fact, regulatory agencies demand that organizations in the aviation industry maintain strict quality standards to ensure safety.

Pathix Draws on Industry-specific Expertise

Pathix has used its expertise in the aviation industry to design Navixa, a comprehensive aviation management software system that ensures companies have the quality data they need to make crucial decisions. Navixa has a modular design that can either stand alone or integrate with existing financial software through application program interfaces.

Navixa allows information to flow between departments—from maintenance, engineering, and safety, to compliance and finance. With Navixa, companies can make better decisions because of:

  • System-wide visibility into cost analysis and daily maintenance operations.
  • Real-time data processing for access to current information.
  • Maintenance of data quality and integrity.

Accurate and up-to-date information is crucial for reaching actionable insights into business processes. Timely decision making means your business runs safely and profitably.

Advanced Aviation Management

Lean on the aviation technology experts at Pathix so you can gain greater control over your business.

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