Many believe that a data breach is not a matter of if, but when. From data theft, ransomware, and operational disruption to breach disclosure, regulatory fines, and brand damage, the tangible and intangible costs associated with a cyber-threat can seriously damage a business.

With the growing trend of malicious threats infecting companies of all sizes, you want to ensure that you have solutions in place to safeguard your business and avoid the potential timely and costly implications.

Pathix understands the unique security requirements of the aviation industry. We apply this same mindset to all industries and business types, including small-medium businesses and government agencies. Companies need to meet the strict compliance standards necessary to promote the safety of their business and customers alike. By partnering with Pathix, your company can rest assured that your systems have the best protection against infiltration.


Pathix partners with Cisco to give our client’s access to a vast portfolio of security solutions from edge to end user devices that includes malware protection, and intrusion prevention and detection.

Email and end user security has high focus and are crucial to organizations today because hackers frequently use those a point of entry. Ransomware attacks are often initiated when employees click on an infected email attachment or link. Social engineering attacks involve using emails to pose as someone an employee trusts so they will reveal sensitive information. Cisco is constantly improving its email protection strategies to keep ahead of cybercriminals.

We have partnered with Cisco due to their comprehensive threat intelligence. With their powerful portfolio and with the largest threat intelligence network in the world provides real time information to Cisco Talos, an industry leading threat intelligence organization, to help understand the nature of threats, and their root causes to allow clients to be informed and protected.

Assessing Your Security Needs

We work with your team to determine the top threats your company needs to guard against. Based on this assessment, we can design a security strategy that works best to protect your mission-critical data.

Security Solutions for the Digital Age

Protect your most valuable asset: your data. Contact Pathix today.

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