Technology sourcing can be challenging. If you are shopping with companies that don’t have all the equipment your business requires, you may end up with multiple vendors. Managing your infrastructure becomes complicated when you need to patch together solutions from different vendors. Contracts and equipment lifecycles can be difficult to track.

A One-Stop Technology Shop

No matter what your technology need – large or small – Pathix can help you find the right equipment. We have access to thousands of technology products from patch cables to enterprise-class storage. Our partnerships with technology leaders guarantee that your business has access to best-in-breed solutions.

Contact us to find out about product availability. We can give you real-time inventory information on which products are in stock. If what you need isn’t available, we will go the extra mile to find and obtain it for you.

Our experts can give advice about the best options for your business and make suggestions for related products. We will work with you to ensure that the products you need fit into your budget.

Best of all, you can simplify the technology sourcing process by depending on a single, trusted vendor.

One Stop for Technology Sourcing

Pathix has built strategic partnerships to provide you with all of the technology products that your business needs.

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